Some technologies are so good that it is hard to improve them. The Elmo Rietschle Side channel blowers are such an example. Performing flawlessly day in and day out with virtually no downtime, the G-Series has a proven history of outstanding reliability over many decades of service. We offer side channel blowers in a wide variety of performance ranges to cover the  most varied requirements, up to 3,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 1,000 mbar.

The G-Series side channel blowers the ideal solution for worldwide use; they can be used without modifications or tests in Europe, Asia and America. This includes voltage range motors for 50 and 60 Hz in protection class IP 55 (insulation class F) and are UL 1450 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 68-09 approved.


Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
>> Low noise level
>> Reliable and durable
>> Virtually no maintenance
>> Available with variable speed drive
>> UL/CSA approved
>> Motors comply with DIN EN 60034
>> IP 55 protection class
>> IE3 / Nema Premium motors on request
>> ATEX versions available


>> Volume flow 50 to 2,450 m³/hr
>> Volume flow 29.4 to 1,441.2 cfm
>> Differential pressure of up to 780 mbar


Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
>> Wear-free operation
>> Low operating and energy costs
>> Extremely smooth operation
>> Very low noise level thanks to acoustic engineering
>> Resistant to dust and fluff
>> Pulsation-free
>> UL/CSA approval
>> 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
>> IE3 / Nema Premium motors on request
>> Variable speed drive available
>> 40,000 operating hours for bearings


>> Volume flow 330 to 850 m³/hr
>> Volume flow 194.1 to 500 cfm
>> Differential pressure up to 1,100 mbar


Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
>> Up to 20,000 hours without maintenance down time.
>> Reliable under the harshest of conditions.
>> Outstandingly low noise levels.
>> The use of a frequency converter mounted directly on the motor or installed separately in a switchgear cabinet can considerably increase compressor capacity without an increase in size.
>> Speeds of up to 6,000 rpm (100 Hz) can be achieved with standard machines.
>> UL/CSA approval for worldwide use.
>> 50/60 Hz voltage range motors.
>> IE3 / Nema Premium motors on request.
>> Available with ATEX certification.


>> Volume flow 50 to 230 m³/hr
>> Volume flow 29.4 to 135.3 cfm
>> Differential pressure up to 1,000 mbar


Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
>> Height and width of approx. 125 mm and a depth of approx. 60 mm.
>> Smallest side channel blower available on the market.
>> Adjustable volume flow of the machines.
>> Robust and built-to-last design.
>> High level of efficiency.
>> Driven via an electronically commuted DC motor.
>> IE regulations do not apply to DC motors.
>> Maintenance-free operation for more than 20,000 operating hours.
>> The operating electronics are a standard feature of the machines which allow infinitely variable control of speed and output of the blower.


>> Volume flow 21 to 35 m³/hr
>> Volume flow 12.4 to 20.6 cfm
>> Differential pressure up to 100 mbar


Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
>> Compact design : The G-BH is about half as large (installed volume) and nearly 60% lighter than a comparable standard machine with the same performance characteristics.
>> Quiet : Modern sound engineering: only half as loud (78 db(A) versus 84 db(A))
>> Economical : Cuts costs for shipping (low weight), packaging (smaller), electrical installation (smaller cross sections and smaller circuit protection devices), electrical energy (high efficiency and good controllability)
>> Flexible : These units are normally operated with frequency converters. The housing components can be rotated in 45° increments without manifolds and silencers or in 90° increments with manifolds and silencers. Together, both of these features offer maximum flexibility upon integration in the overall system.
>> Regarding IE3 : 200 Hz motors which are used in this side channel blower do not fall under IE regulations.


>> Volume flow up to 950 m3/hr
>> Differential pressure up to 680 mbar
>> Compact design
>> Low weight
>> Energy-saving operation
>> Variable speed drive
>> 20,000 operating hours
>> Energy-saving operation through higher efficiency
>> Noise level reduced by half
>> Pulsation-free
>> Virtually maintenance-free
>> UL/CSA approval for worldwide use
>> 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
>> IE3 motors