Fully compliant vacuum systems suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical industry applications. Designed, developed and delivered in house by our vacuum experts. We offer a wide range of system solutions for a variety of vacuum requirements including food packaging, food processing, degassing, drying, medical suction and anesthetic gas removal. With our industry leading choice of own brand vacuum pump technologies we can design, develop and deliver packaged systems to meet your needs.



Elmo Rietschle air supply cabinets are the obvious and best solution when installing centralized air supply inside a production facility. They come in modules and offer an efficient and cost saving way of supplying just the right amount of air at exactly the place where it is needed – especially if it’s controlled electronically.
>> Optimized installation and operation costs.
>> Reduction of heat and noise emission in the production area.
>> Optimal coordination and control of the operation of all components.
>> Simplified maintenance of single components due to the central installation.
>> Small footprint.

Elmo Rietschle Customized Systems


Prompted by needs within the semiconductor industry, dry running vacuum pumps began being developed in the 90s. Today, dry running screw vacuum pumps are designed and manufactured for use in various vacuum systems and applications. A process requiring a complete vacuum package can be selected from a wide range of standard vacuum packages previously created and constructed for specific applications.
>> Economic due to recirculation and fewer emissions
>> Energy-savings due to the use of frequency converter
>> Broad vacuum range (from 1013 to 1 mbar abs)
>> No water contamination

Elmo Rietschle Plug and Play Solutions


The Elmo Rietschle rotary vanes are also available as central vacuum units for industrial applications. They come complete with control panel as plug & play solutions.
>> Single stage air cooled oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
>> Installled on a rack
>> Includes control panel
>> Isolation class F protection class 55
>> Wear-free vanes
>> Low noise level
>> Easy access to filter elements for service

Elmo Rietschle Standard Systems


For stable operation, liquid ring pumps must be permanently supplied with liquid, which escapes with the conveyed gas on the discharge side. That is why we have developed standardized circuit units as system solutions, which feed the operating liquid that escaped on the discharge side completely or partially back into the pump. Circuit units are available for the full range of Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps, with ATEX certification and in stainless steel or cast iron.

The vacuum pump units X-SC are a combination of an air-cooled liquid ring circuit unit with patented discharge-air cooling system of the L-Series (L-BL2) and a side channel blower of the G-Series. So the suction capacity in a pressure range of 30 to 120 resp. 200 mbar is multiplied. The aggregates have a robust design, high vapour compatibility as well as an oil-free compression without contact. The side channel blower can work at a consistent speed or a frequency converter can be used to enhance the performance of the unit. The operating point can thus be optimized for the application (i.e. pressure constancy control).