In 1966, Charles H. Solberg Sr. invented a new tubular silencer design for small air compressors. Two years later, Solberg was founded. Since then, our successes have been possible thanks to a creative and dedicated team of professionals, quality product, and most of all, our customers. In the future, we see Solberg as a fully integrated, worldwide network. With state-of-the-art facilities, aggressive R&D and our exceptional team, we will continue to grow as a dominant player in each market we serve.

Around the world, we engineer, manufacture, and deliver solutions for the equipment that powers our lives. From compressors to turbines, vacuum pumps to reciprocating engines, Solberg’s filtration, silencing and separation products can be found on the most challenging applications. For more than 40 years, we have embraced the ideal of industrial growth while advocating environmental responsibility. We are committed to providing products and systems that protect mission critical machinery while safeguarding the surrounding environment. We believe these worldwide commitments help better communities, encourage the achievement of our employees and help our customers to succeed.

As an integral part of our continued quality-management initiative, Solberg began the process of ISO certification. In 2005, we were granted ISO 9001:2000 certification and we are currently certified for ISO 9001:2015. Today, the Solberg Quality Assurance team is still focused on the sustained improvement of product quality and process efficiency. Together, we work to maintain high customer-satisfaction rates with documented procedures. But our ISO certification and comprehensive quality-assurance program is only the beginning. Our flexibility and attention to our customers’ needs set us apart—making us a thoughtful, innovative and flexible partner.



Designed for the inlet of vacuum pumps, these industrial vacuum filters have a "L" configuration and is rated for full flow and low pressure drop operation. The housings are vacuum tight for maximum equipment performance. Industrial, severe and extreme duty models are in stock.


The ST and CT Series are compact inlet vacuum filters designed for easy element access. Captured particulate drops to the bottome bucket eliminating possible system contamination. The ST Series has a see-through bucket for easy visual inspections. The CT Series has a durable carbon steel bucket for harsh environments.


This inlet vacuum filter is designed to removal liquids, solids and sub-micron particles from damaging vacuum pumps and it protects the work environment from harmful contaminates. It is available as a stand alone filter or as a vacuum filter system (HVS Series) with floor, wall and ceiling configurations.


This series is the standard for inlet filtration and silencing, it is an integrated reactive design with multiple tubes. Industrial, severe & extreme duty models are in stock. Find out more about stainless steel, epoxy coated and ATEX certified assemblies.


Solbergs’s oil mist eliminators are designed to prevent seal leakage, eliminate oil mist emissions and reduce oil consumption. These units also protect your gearbox, crankcase or oil lubrication system by eliminating pressure build-up in the system.


Solberg offers a variety of solutions to remove potentially harmful liquid, sludge, and particulate from the inlet of a vacuum pump. The LRS and SRS Series is an integrated liquid separator and inlet vacuum filter.