The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-FT/FK (2 Pole) is a world class product range designed for boiler feed applications, meeting the demands of modern thermal, combined cycle and solar power plants. Our extensive engineering, manufacturing and operational experience has been incorporated in the design of the 2 pole diffuser pump CUP-FT/ FK (2 Pole).

A radially split case, diffuser type pump with options for throughbolt (FT) or barrel case (FK), designed for low, intermediate and high pressure and temperature applications. A world leading product, with features such as optimum hydraulic design, sustainable efficiency, and the inherent ability to withstand thermal shock, the CUP-FT/FK (2 Pole) range pump offers reliable operation and low through life cost of ownership.


>> Boiler Feed
>> Reverse Osmosis
>> Mine Dewatering
>> Descaling


>> Capacity : up to 4,840 USgpm / 1,100 m³/hr
>> Delivery Head : up to 8,200 ft / 2,500 m
>> Temperature : up to 350 °F / 180 °C
>> Speeds : up to 3,600 rpm
>> Flange Drilling : ANSI or BS