The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB3 pump is a heavy duty axial split case horizontal, pump with opposing impellers with either single or double suction first stage impeller pumps. The CUP-BB3 pumps comply with the latest edition of API 610 and API 682 standards and are specifically designed for heavy duty, medium and high pressure applications.

The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB3 flexibility of design allows the pump to be equally acceptable over a wide range of duties varying from standard water, oil and chemical applications to advanced water flood and boiler feed applications. ClydeUnion Pumps legacy brands including DB34, DVMX, H-FH and class “M” provide the industry with a very comprehensive hydraulic coverage.


>> Crude Oil and Product Pipeline
>> Sea Water Injection
>> Refining Charge
>> Desalination – High Pressure Reverse Osmosis
>> Boiler Feed
>> Produced Water Injection
>> Metals – High Pressure Descale


>> Capacity : up to 12,000 USgpm / 3,000 m³/hr
>> Delivery Head : up to 11,000 ft / 3,350 m
>> Temperature : up to 450 °F / 230 °C
>> Speeds : up to 6,500 rpm
>> Flange Drilling : ANSI or BS