The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB5HP encompasses heavy duty, radially split diffuser type, multi-stage pumps available in two configurations: inline or back-to-back impeller arrangements. Both of which are designed as engineered-to-order solutions and manufactured to the latest edition of API 610 and API 682.

The full ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB5HP range offers proven design history, evolving from our legacy OK and HMBS machines to provide the industry with a very comprehensive hydraulic coverage, and optimum efficiency levels.

The advanced design of the CUP-BB5HP includes key features such as our pioneering Shear Ring cartridge locking system which enables rapid withdrawal of all the pump internals as a cartridge without disturbing pump alignment or pipework. This greatly reduces the time required to maintain the equipment compared to conventional methods.


>> Produced Water Injection
>> Seawater Injection
>> Flowline Displacement
>> Main Oil Lines


>> Capacity : up to 2,800m³/hr / 12,330 gpm
>> Delivery Head : up to 4,100 m / 13,450 feet
>> Temperature : up to 180 °C / 350 °F
>> Speeds : up to 6,600 rpm
>> Flange Drilling : ANSI or BS