The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB5V is available in two heavy duty designs: multi-stage diffuser or double case volute types, both of which are designed and manufactured to the latest edition of API 610 and API 682.

The full ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-BB5V range offers the lowest through life cost of ownership. ClydeUnion Pumps legacy brands including OK, FK, DB36 and HMBS provide the industry with a very comprehensive hydraulic coverage with features that include full cartridge withdrawal, optimum efficiency and the inherent ability to withstand thermal shock.

The CUP-BB5V range has been designed to produce an advanced pump with reduced whole life costs. All the pump internals can be withdrawn quickly without disturbing pump alignment or pipework. This reduces the time required to maintain the equipment.


>> Sea Water Injection
>> Produced Water Injection
>> Main Oil Line
>> Condensate Export


>> Capacity : up to 2,800 m³/hr / 12,350 USgpm
>> Delivery Head : up to 4,100 m / 13,600 ft
>> Temperature : up to 180 °C / 350 °F
>> Speeds : up to 7,000 rpm
>> Flange Drilling : ANSI or BS