The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-VS1 is a vertical turbine radial flow or axial flow type, multi-stage, heavy-duty pumps designed to the latest edition of API 610 and API 682 standards. It is designed for wet pit or deep well applications. The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-VS1 vertical shaft pumps are engineered without a barrel (suction can). An extensive range of hydraulics gives a comprehensive range of heads and flows to match your process. Various material options are also available to suit specific fluid requirements. ClydeUnion Pumps legacy brands including VX, VLX, DB50, VMX and SBWM provide the industry with a very comprehensive hydraulic coverage.


>> Crude Oil Transfer
>> Hydrocarbon
>> Water and Wastewater
>> Fire Fighting
>> Cooling Circuit
>> Sea Water Intake
>> Petrochemical Handling


>> Capacity : up to 7,000 m³/hr / 31,000 USgpm
>> Delivery Head : up to 600 m / 1,900 ft
>> Temperature : up to 205°C / 402 °F
>> Speeds : up to 3,600 rpm
>> Flange Drilling : ANSI or BS