ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-VSM
ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-VSM


The ClydeUnion Pumps range of CUP-VSM pumpsets are of either single or multistage centrifugal pump design integrated with a submersible water filled motor. This advanced design boasts high efficiency, an excellent track record of reliability, and occupies minimal surface installation area. Features such as our Enhanced Cooling System, Header Tank protection device, integral power cable connection, reverse rotation capability, and Transportation & Erection cradle, enable the optimum package solution to be achieved. Both pump and motor can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, dependent upon water quality and temperature. Typical applications for these centrifugal pumps include Fire and Seawater Lift duties on rigs and platforms; offshore cooling water supply and borehole extraction.


>> Seawater lift & firewater for offshore platforms
>> Cooling water supply
>> Mains booster
>> Raw water intake
>> Borehole extraction
>> Dewatering


>> Capacity : up to 530,000 USgpm / 120,000 m3/hr
>> Delivery : up to 984 ft / 300 m
>> Temperature : up to 104°F / 40°C
>> Speeds : up to 3,600 rpm
>> Flange drilling : ANSI or BS