FF and FD models require a coupling, coupling guard, baseplate, and precise alignment. Frame mounts accept a wide range of motor horsepower.

>> A direct drive frame mount design
>> Mounts to a baseplate
>> Requirees a coupling and coupling guard
>> Accepts a variety of motors


>> Flow rate : up to 50 gpm (189.3 l/min)
>> Working pressure : up to 400 psi (27.6 bar)
>> Differential pressure : up to 250 psi (17.2 bar)
>> Temperature range : -25 to 225°F (-32 to 107°C)
>> Viscosity : up to 400 SSU (88 cSt)


>> Available in several pump models
>> Single-stage pump
>> Frame mounted design
>> Frame mount accepts a wider range of motors (1 to 15 hp)
>> Drive options are direct drive (baseplate, flexible coupling, and coupling guard) and V-belt drive (baseplate, adjustable driver slide base, V-belt drive, and belt guard)
>> Mechanically sealed with a silicon carbide seal seat
>> Available with NPT or Class 300 RF flange connections


>> Pump Case and Cover : Ductile iron
>> Impeller : Bronze, ductile iron, steel or stainless steel
>> Shaft : Steel or stainless steel
>> Seal Seat : Silicon carbide
>> Seal Sleeve and Follower : Aluminum or stainless steel
>> Seal Rotor : Carbon only
>> Seal Metal Parts : Steel only
>> Seal Housing : Cadmium plated steel, or stainless steel
>> O-Rings : Buna-N, PTFE, Neoprene®, Viton®, ethylene-propylene or Kalrez® (Registered trademarks of DuPont)


>> Ideal for low capacity applications requiring medium to high head
>> Free-floating impeller has no metal-to-metal contact minimizes wear between the pump casing, impeller, and cover
>> The balanced mechanical seal and sleeve enhance the sealing performance
>> No vibration or pulsation – delivers years of quiet trouble-free service
>> By simply removing the pump cover, you can easily replace the internals without disturbing the piping
>> A frame mount includes two sets of heavy duty ball bearings that provide a long service life
>> Pump nozzles can be rotated into four 90 degree increments
>> Most models have bypass and pressure gauge connections on the outlet nozzle
>> Continuous-duty service