PZ-models are low pressure pumps with O-ring construction and reversible sideplates but cam is not replaceable.

>> Low pressure design with combination of O-ring construction
>> Mechanically sealed with silicon carbide seal seat
>> Six blades and blade drivers
>> Adjustable interal relief valve
>> Cam is not replaceable
>> Sideplates are reversible
>> Suitable for petroleum products and industrial solvents


>> Flow Rate : up to 165 gpm (624.5 l/min)
>> Working Pressure : up to 200 psi (13.8 bar)
>> Differential Pressure : up to 125 psi (8.6 bar)
>> Temperature Range : -25 to 300°F (-32 to 149°C)
>> Viscosity : up to 20,000 SSU (4,250 cSt)


>> Available in two pump sizes
>> Designed for low pressure applications
>> Six vanes design with vane drivers
>> O-ring construction
>> Cam is not replaceable but the sideplates are reversible
>> Foot mounted design can be used in both stationary and truck applications
>> Mechanically sealed pump with silicon carbide seal seat
>> Available with NPT or Weld flanges.
>> Drive option include gear reduced and v-belt


>> Pump Casing and Heads : Ductile iron
>> Sideplates : Gray iron
>> Rotor and Flanges : Ductile iron
>> Seal Seat : Silicon carbide
>> O-Rings : Buna-N and Viton® (Registered trademark of DuPont)
>> Blades : Advanced polymers


>> Self-adjusting sliding vanes maximizes pumping performance
>> Removing the pump head gives full access to the internals without disturbing the piping
>> Can handle small amounts of vapor
>> Excellent suction lift is great for clearing suction and discharge lines
>> Comes with a internal relief valve or optional air operated valve (AOV) for high and low flow control
>> Stainless steel internal relief valve ensures a long service life
>> Adjustable internal relief valve