Over the last 60 years DRAKOS POLEMIS is identified with the engineering design, production and supply of high quality pumps that cover a wide range of applications . Today DP pumps has a prominent position in Power Generation industry, shipping, building construction, agriculture and large scale construction projects.

DP products are promoted by means of a well organized sales network and are fully supported by engineering and service departments. 80% of DP income is generated through the international markets and we possess a dominant position in the Far East markets and have a significant presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


In horizontal version, Pump and motor mounted on fabricated steel base frame which must be fixed with foundation bolts on a concrete base and subsequently grouted in. base frames are constructed from welded profile sections.


>> Capacity up to 3000 m3/h (Standard Product)
>> Capacity Extension up to 15000 m3/h (Custom Made Design)
>> Total Head up to 240 m
>> Temperature -30 °C to +140 °C
>> Pressure up to 25 bar


>> Pump casing is of the volute type fitted with easily renewable casing wearing rings.
>> All impellers are double suction type, dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class G 6.3.
>> Shaft rotates in grease lubricated anti friction bearings (2 Pcs for Horizontal Version). In vertical Version Upper bearing is of the roller type and there is a guide bearing at pumps bottom
>> Standard sealing arrangement is a packed gland for temperatures up to 110 °C. For temperatures up to 140°C Mechanical seals are used.