Available only in Europe, Middle East and Africa, DosaSkid is a modular, plug-and-play metering system, providing a quick, simple solution. Ideally suited for preparing, storing and injecting chemicals in water treatment, industrial wastewater, and petrochemical refining, the DosaSkid system combines quality, reliable pumps with a minimal footprint skid.


>> Easy and fast installation. All components, except for the hydraulic and electric connections, are already manufactured for rapid assembly and delivery.
>> Modularity. DosaSkid units are available in simplex, duplex, or triplex configurations with or without a tank; two piping and tank materials.
>> Simple, rapid maintenance. Because of its modular design, it allows easy access to components and modules are 95 % identical to minimize downtime.
>> Service and technical support. Our single source approach means we can offer support services that will ensure proper installation operation and control costs.
>> Reliability and Safety : With decades of experience and know-how in metering technology, the trade practices and net positive suction head (NPSH) are fully respected, the risks associated with piping connection errors are avoided and the metering equipment and piping are protected.


>> Desalination : cleaning and maintenance of reverse osmosis membranes, water conditioning
>> Boiler Water Treatment : treatment of make up, boiler feed and waste waters
>> Industrial Water Treatment : coagulation/flocculation, pH regulation
>> Refinerie : injection of additives into fuels from refineries, conditioning of drinking water in utilities
>> Surface Treatment : pickling, neutralisation, waste treatment
>> Food Industrie : ncleaning in place