Van Air Systems designs easy to use, simple, and extremely effective dryers for both gas and compressed air. Though some set-ups may need additional accessories depending on the application and output of dryer gas or air. While each accessory has their own function, it is important to understand why they are recommended for a particular application. For example, an after cooler may sound redundant, especially since newer portable air compressors have an integral after cooler. While that is true, during a field test, Van Air Systems engineers recorded an additional 8 degrees of cooling using an after cooler on a Blast Pak PRO, translating into huge savings when it came to how many desiccants were saved thanks to the cooler air. The oil water separator, through the use of multi-stage separations, is extremely cost effective and designed to operate in most ambient conditions year-round. And dew point monitors are important as excessive moisture in compressed air lines corrode pneumatic equipment and system piping, saving thousands of dollars in preventative downtime as these monitors are designed to quickly alert plant personnel to minimize maintenance expenses. Simply put, we provide these accessories to help save time, money, and keep everything working properly.


We design our units around the use of desiccants that we manufacture in-house, this has allowed us to test our designs for function, durability, and duration over the entire lifespan of the unit. Other factors to consider when purchasing a portable compressed air dryer are overall dimensions of the unit, aftercooler dimensions, and a warranty. Van Air Systems units are robust in design, having a sturdy construction complete with a skid style base for easier transportation between sites.


In Van Air Systems AC series air-cooled aftercoolers, hot compressed air is introduced to the core as ambient air is drawn across it, leaving the exiting air cooler. AC series after-coolers are normally sized for a 15°F (or less) approach to ambient air. For example, a compressor discharges 250°F air and the aftercooler is located in 80°F ambient conditions. With a 15°F approach, the air exiting the aftercooler will be 95°F and saturated, and the moisture created by cooling from 250°F to 95°F will condense.


Van Air Systems’ Oil Water Separator series is a cost effective solution to remove lubricating oils from condensate streams. This heavy duty unit is designed to simultaneously process different types of poly glycol oils. These oil water separators are ready for 24 hour continous operation. Van Air Systems’ oil water separators can remove lubricants down to a level in compliance with most regulations, and are designed to operate in most ambient conditions year-round.