Van Air Systems offers a variety of proven solutions including dryers and desiccants natural gas dehydration. Whether the application requires meeting pipeline moisture specifications, inhibiting hydrate formation, preventing condensation in pipelines, or improving the combustion quality of fuel gas, we have a gas dryer to meet your application. GasDry desiccants are applied throughout the natural gas industry. From the production field, to the processing plant, storage, transmission, and distribution, removing water vapor from natural gas is our speciality.

Natural gas dehydration experts at Van Gas Technologies have decades of experience and have encountered virtually every application imaginable. Natural gas producers and transporters often rely on wellhead gas to fuel production equipment in remote locations where access to the electric grid is impractical or unavailable. Impurities in untreated natural gas can damage costly equipment. Water freezes within fuel lines, potentially shutting down production. Wet fuel gas corrodes and damages essential equipment. Desiccant gas dryers efficiently condition (dehydrate) natural gas for compressors, generating sets, turbines, heaters, pumps and any gas-fired piece of equipment. Furthermore, a gas dryer can be sized to match virtually any flow rate, with the best part being that Van Air dryers require no fuel for operation and have no moving parts.


As the industry leader in deliquescent drying technology, Van Gas Technologies has designed a new portable solution for natural gas dehydration, the Gas Pak Pro. This complete PLD skid package, is the perfect solution for jobs on the go. The Gas Pak PRO is custom built skid package for your natural gas dehydration needs. The industry’s first portable natural gas dehydration system, built specifically for your needs. Download a brochure, provide us with your application specifications and the options in which you would like included on your unit. One of our Gas Specialists will help create a package based on your individual needs. The Gas Pak Pro a natural gas drying package built just for you.


>> Completely portable forklift accessible skid
>> PLD Series Dryer with hammer union closure
>> OSHA Platform, ladder, and dual swing safety gate for safe and easy desiccant refilling
>> Prefilter and afterfilter
>> No moving parts, no electricity necessary
>> 10 year deliquescent dryer vessel warranty


As the industry leader in deliquescent desiccant technology, Van Air Systems designed the PLD to be an economical and effective solution for gas dehydration. Operation of the PLD is simple. Wet gas enters the bottom of the vessel where gas velocity is reduced and flow direction is changed. In this area, heavier drops of entrained water are separated and fall into the large capacity claim area. The gas then moves upward through the bed of deliquescent desiccant tablets, which slowly dissolve as they absorb moisture vapor. The water and desiccant solution fall into the claim area to be drained – the brine solution will not freeze above -20ºF. New desiccant tablets are periodically added. At the dryer outlet, the gas is free of liquid water and water vapor is substantially reduced, eliminating the possibility of hydrate formation.


>> Stop freeze-ups and hydrate formation
>> No power required and no moving parts
>> 10 year vessel warranty
>> Maximum working pressures 280 PSIG to 1450 PSIG
>> Meets pipeline moisture specifications


HLSXG dryers remove water vapor from saturated gas through the process of pressure swing adsorption. Each dryer consists of two desiccant columns. While one column is on-line drying gas, the other column is regenerated using a portion of depressurized purge gas. The flow of process and purge gas is automatically and continuously switched between the two desiccant columns by an integrated timer. The purge gas along with exhaust vapors from control valves is routed to a single exhaust coupling. Exhaust gases from the dryer can be routed to a vapor recovery unit or flare stack. Pressure dew points of -40 degrees or lower can be achieved with a properly sized HLXG dryer. HLSXG dryers are available in flow capacities of 55-800 standard cubic feet per minute and 100 PSIG, with control voltages of 115V or 12V DC and a standard design pressure of 250 PSIG. Non-standard capacities, please contact the Van Air Systems factory.


>> 79 MSCFG – 1,152 MSCFD at 100 PSIG
>> -40°F pressure dew point
>> Explosion proof controls, Class 1 Division Groups C&D Nema 4/7