CompAir Aftermarket is a dedicated business with the focus of delivering service and parts to maintain CompAir equipment at peak efficiency. We have an extensive distributor network whose service engineers receive the same level of training as our own, ensuring you have the best possible support around the clock, seven days a week.



Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your compressor network, or simply improve the energy performance of your existing installation, a great way to start is to carry out a compressed air audit. Compressed air audits are an effective way to identify your current energy use and to assess your compressed air needs. As well as carrying out an audit of your compressed air system, you should also include regular checks for air leaks in your maintenance routines too. A simple leak detection survey can identify any problems quickly and, any remedial action you take can have an immediate, positive effect with fast payback periods.
>> Air demand and supply – Make sure you have the right compressors to meet your demand efficiently
>> Plug the leaks – Air leaks are a costly waste of energy and money
>> Avoid over pressurisation – More pressure means more energy and increased risk of leaks, consider your requirements. Lowering system pressure may solve a lot of problems
>> Bad Piping – Old piping, incorrect sizing, too many bends and tees reduces the efficiency of your compressed air system
>> Maintain your Compressor System – Change Air/oil filters, separators and lubricants at the optimum time, not when they clog up and cause a pressure loss or damage to your compressor system



The system generates and delivers insight and statistics that keeps compressed air users informed of the performance of their installation, highlighting potential issues before they become a problem. Depending on how crucial the installation’s data management provision is, plant managers can select from three tiered iConn service options, with the full service offering total peace of mind.
>> Air quality as a service
>> Increased uptime
>> Reduced risks
>> Increased productivity
>> Increased efficiency
>> Integrated analytics
>> Investment protection
>> Extended product life-cycle



Oil Sampling and analysis can identify problems in the earliest stages which can keep downtime to a minimum, reduce repair cost and ensure optimum energy efficiency. Detailed analysis reports will give information regarding external contamination, which will give an insight to the ambient conditions that affect the lubricant and running of the compressor, or internal contamination that would give an early warning regarding malfunctioning of components. We will provide an easy to read report that include: when to sample again, what parameters are abnormal and possible steps you need to amend any abnormality with your lubrication
>> Reduces your downtime and lost production
>> Enables you to spot potential problems at an early stage
>> Allows to plan and schedule maintenance well in advance
>> Helps you save money
>> Lowers repair cost
>> Aims to offer peace of mind
>> Reassurances of the condition of the oil
>> Shows the condition of the compressor