The DSP Series brings advanced oil free operations right where it is needed: your facility! Built on Hitachi engineering, the DSP is designed to supply oil free air reliably and efficiently – today and tomorrow.
>> Innovative Air End Design
>> Patented Oil Mist Remover
>> Motorized Isolation Valve


>> Patented taper rotor design optimized for efficiency
>> Stainless steel coating robotically applied to rotors in both 1st and 2nd stages provides superior corrosion resistance and durability
>> Patented PTFE-free rotary coating designed for long life
>> Stator housing coated to provide additional corrosion protection
>> Environmentally friendly solution to recapture gearcase oil mists
>> Automatically closes compressed air discharge when DSP shuts off — protecting the compressor from condensate backflow
>> VSD models feature a Patented No Inlet Valve Design
>> Fixed speed models feature patented 3 or 5 way solenoid valve
>> Interstage air purging
>> Patented High Pre-Cooler Design