CompAir offers a wide range of portable air compressors designed for the most demanding conditions. Our compressors have a reputation within the industry for the highest quality and reliability. Whether it is a simple task such as the need to pump up a vehicle tyre or a larger industrial application, we have the right tool. With high energy efficiency and low emissions, the C-Series simplify daily operations and maintenance tasks.


CompAir is a compressed air specialist company and among their products are quality pneumatic tools such as hammers, breakers, rock drills and moles. The robust design of the tools with few moving parts delivers high reliability and durability and reduces maintenance downtime. The tools have an excellent power to weight ratio, are well balanced and provide increased operator comfort.


>> Standard Pick hammers
>> Vibration Damped Pick hammers
>> Chipping Hammers
>> Tunneling Mole Hammers


This range offers the capability to run up to two breakers. The compressors are driven by quiet-running, energy efficient Kubota engines. With the benefit of a wide engine speed range, fuel savings are increased and the engine reliability and lifetime are enhanced. With an integrated generator, which can supply power for lights and electric tools, these portables compressors suit many applications. With an operating weight less than 500 kg (unbreaked) they can be towed by small vehicles.
>> Volume Flow 2 to 3m3/h
>> Operating Pressurre 7 to 10 bar


This new range of compressors stands out for its low diesel consumption, which is 10% less than the previous range. Equipped with a Diesel Particle Filter, these modern compressors are built to the latest emission standard Stage 3B. Thanks to a wide pressure range up to 14 bar, this compact compressor range is extremely versatile and meets the requirements of numerous applications. The compressors have enough storage capacity for two hammers, picks or any other pneumatic tools. Separate engine and compressor air filters guarantee a long service life. All of the service points are strategically located for easy access.
>> Volume Flow 5.5 to 7.6m3/h
>> Operating Pressurre 7 to 14 bar


Designed for the toughest site conditions, whether it’s for road building, civil engineering or restoration work, this range offers outstanding reliability, performance and compressed air quality. The compressors are equipped with numerous features as standard, offering substantial cost savings to customers. Thanks to the inclusion of two batteries reliable running and performance can be also achieved in the coldest winter. The durability of these compressors is further enhanced by additional engine management protection. The diesel engines are fitted with electronic fuel injection to meet the European emission standards. Diesel particle filters can be retrofitted to existing models, allowing the use in emission-restricted areas.
>> Volume Flow 8.6 to 13.3m3/h
>> Operating Pressurre 5 to 14 bar


The TurboScrew compressors with their unique bi-turbo technology provide class-leading diesel efficiency, the lowest weight of 3,500 kg and super-clean performance in accordance with EC directive 97/68/EG Stage 4 final. The TurboScrew includes the acknowledged SCRT® (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) exhaust after treatment system, including oxidation catalytic convertor and diesel particle filter (DPF). This system is capable of removing almost all of the nitrogen oxide emissions from the diesel exhaust gases.
>> Volume Flow 20 to 27m3/h
>> Operating Pressurre 9 to 24 bar