Reciprocating air compressors or piston type air compressors are widely considered as ‘work-horse’ compressors. A reciprocating air compressor is best suited for use in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include auto body and tire shops, woodworking facilities, hospitals, construction sites, amusement parks, and industrial facilities. Industrial reciprocating compressors are able to operate in a severe duty environments while having lower initial costs. They offer lower maintenance costs, and are ideal for intermittent duty operation. They save energy in no-load conditions and operate efficiently at partial loads. This results in a higher overall efficiency for many diverse applications. Piston air compressors are more forgiving than rotaries and normally operate more dependably in less than ideal conditions.


The Reward Series is a fully packaged unit with all of the additional accessories customers need included. Reward series compressors are typically shipped from the factory in 24 hours or less. Compressors are shipped ready to install and operate. Each new assembled unit has a five-year, pro-rated warranty on the compressor pump.


>> Duty Two Stage, Splash Lubricated Air Compressor
>> Multi-Finned Cylinders
>> Integral Cylinder Head
>> Intercoolers for Cooling Between Stages
>> Reliable High Flow Disc Valves
>> Oversized Main Bearings
>> Balanced Crankshaft
>> Oil Level Sight Glass
>> Centrifugal Unloader for Loadless Starting
>> Bucket High Drain Valve


R-Series Compressors are loaded with features designed for day-in, day-out performance. Loaded with rugged features, these compressors deliver high performance and tremendous value. This compressor pump comes with a 5-year pro-rated warranty. As a result, R-series compressors offer long, trouble-free service with unbridled operating efficiency.


>> 2-30 hp
>> Up to 175 psig
>> 4.2-202 acfm at 175 psig on electric driven units
>> Gas and diesel engine drive models available
>> Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex & Duplex Models
>> Single & Two Stage Splash-Lubricated Pumps
>> Prorated 5-Year Warranty on Pump
>> Factory filled with AEON lubricant


The PL-Series compressor has been designed to operate in extreme duty applications and is a pressure-lubricated alternative to the R-Series unit. Because the PL-Series can operate up to 250 psig in remote locations or in off-level operations, it is a true industrial use compressor. The PL-Series features domed pistons, integral cylinder head, disc valves and an oil pump that provides lubricant to all crucial parts of the compressor.


>> 3-30 hp
>> Up to 250 psig
>> 9.7-202 acfm at 175 psig on Electric Driven units
>> Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex, Duplex and Engine Driven Models
>> Two-Stage pressure lubricated pumps
>> Loadless auto stop/start
>> Pro-rated 5-year pump warranty and 1-year package warranty
>> Factory filled with AEON lubricant


Gardner Denver is the leader in manufacturing dependable compressed air systems. Gardner Denver offers a complete line of engine driven compressor packages from 9.1-22.5 horsepower to meet any application. With an engine driven package there is no need to worry about electrical service. Engine driven air compressors were designed to provide compressed air in remote locations or for emergency production line needs. We offer gas or diesel powered portable air compressors.


>> ASME & CRN Certified 30, 60, 80 Gallon Horizontal Air Receivers
>> Belt Driven
>> Electric Start
>> Diesel Engine or Gas Engine Driven
>> Totally Enclosed Belt Guard
>> Oil Level Sight Glass


This heavy-duty reciprocating compressor is available as a single or a two stage setup. Filled with AEON compressor oil, the A Series was engineered to run smoothly at maximum efficiency levels. A Series bares and boosters are made out of high-grade cast iron, which makes it ideal for multiple industries that deal with petroleum and oil. The A Series industrial air compressor can reach pressures as high as 350 psig.



The W-series reputation has been built on quality, reliability and accessibility to all components. The W Series products are single acting W configuration and include air and water cooled three and six cylinder units.


The W-Series compressors include heavy duty cast iron construction, counterbalanced crankshaft to ensure smooth operation, deep-finned cylinders on air-cooled units and water cooled cylinders and heads on water cooled units, which quickly dissipate the heat of compression. Superior lubrication is accomplished through a gear driven positive displacement oil pump powered by the crankshaft complete with a spin on oil filter. W-series compressors are ideal for petroleum refineries, oil rigs, plant air, ore mines and well head servicing.
>> 20-113 hp
>> 105 cfm-560 cfm
>> 20-175 psig operating pressure
>> Single & Two Stage
>> Pressure Lubricated
>> Cast iron construction
>> Compressors are shipped without oil


The Gardner Denver Reed Valve (RV) compressor is engineered to deliver industrial-rated dependability at an affordable price. The RV line offers maximum installation versatility. Each compressor features durable cast-iron construction, industrial grade filter and silencer and alloy steel reed valves.


>> Automatic Start/Stop Operation
>> Magnetic Starters
>> NEMA-Rated Electric Motors
>> ASME Coded Receivers
>> 0-300 PSIG Air-Pressure Gauge on Tank
>> Preset Pressure Switch
>> Available Voltages — 208/230/460/575


Gardner Denver’s full line of compact Commandair reciprocating air compressors are manufactured to the same quality standards as our larger, industrial models. These packages are sized for smaller air requirements such as small industrial plants, schools, small automotive centers, and do-it-yourselfers.


>> Automatic Start/Stop Operation
>> Loadless Starting via Pressure Switch
>> ODP NEMA 1760 RPM
>> 10 Micron Industrial Grade Intake Filter
>> Oil-Level Sight Gauge
>> Available Voltages
>> Single Phase – 115, 208, 230
>> Three Phase – 208, 230, 460