We are ready to provide service, sales, maintenance, repairs and spare parts for wide range of industrial pumps, chemical, screw and liquid pumps and other various pumps from leading brands.


Gas/Air Compressors are one of our specialities, we provide high quality gas/air compressor from leading brands such as Gardner Denver, Reavell, Corken, Van Air Systems and others.


We also provide leading industry Blowers & Vacuum systems, such as Elmo Reitschle, Robuschi and Haskel to meet your requirements in a wide range of industries and applications.


Multiphase Power generator brand under Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd. Including the package consulting, production, design, installation and after sales service for Diesel/Gas Generators.

Multiphase Corporation

Multiphase Corporation is a leading supplier of mechanical process
equipment, compressors, pumps and generators.
We provide engineered-to-order solutions to fit your exact requirements
according to the highest international industry standards.
We represent companies who are well known and preferred sources
into the global market. Our team are trained with current
information, the latest technology to support our customers.



Multiphase Corporation offers a comprehensive service division for any product brand, in-house and on-site.
We intend to provide best customer service to assure long term equipment operation and effectiveness which will support
our relationship with our customer. We provide repair and overhaul services for all products supplied to customers.
Servicing scope of work ranges from machine manufacturing, control system processing, parts processing, assembly and testing.


With more than 10 years of experience in providing specialized modern equipment, Multiphase Corporation is a provider pumps,
air/gas compressors, and blowers & vacuums systems for a broad range of customers from private companies, condominiums, hospitals,
industrial plants and many others. Applications including automotive, electronics, food and beverage, general manufacturing,
medical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, plastics and etc. We provide professional services with a team of
experienced engineers ready to consult with you to meet your requirements and provide you with friendly after sales service.