Multiphase Corporation


Multiphase Group was established in the year 2000 and has 5 affiliated companies, namely
>> Multiphase Oil & Gas Co., Ltd. | Oil & Gas Equipment and Engineering skid mount packages
>> Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd. | Compressor and Pump products in the Thai market
>> Multiphase Intertrade Co., Ltd. | International Trading
>> Multiphase Connect Co., Ltd. | Design & Installation, Cable Wiring for Telephone and Telecommunications Systems
>> Multiphase Network Co., Ltd. | IT Business and Telecom

Multiphase Corporation


Multiphase Corporation is a leading supplier of mechanical process equipment, compressors, pumps and generators. We provide engineered-to-order solutions to fit your exact requirements according to the highest international industry standards. We represent companies who are well known and preferred sources into the global market. Our team are trained with current information, the latest technology to support our customers.

Multiphase Corporation


>> To enhance quality of life by providing innovative and cost effective power solutions.
>> To provide power solutions of global standards by engaging the best of the in-house technical experts.
>> To ensure everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
>> To be the best-in-class Power-Solution provide.
>> To ensure that every customer is a happy customer of Multiphase Corporation by trying to exceed their expectations.
>> To continue partnering with our esteemed customers and suppliers to ensure our customers’ success.


We aim to satisfy every customer in terms of quality products and services. Our standardized system is to check products before delivery to customers with prompt services along with integrity, expertise and modern innovation. “Because customer satisfaction is our service standard”

Multiphase Corporation


Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd. has been certified by United Registrar Of Systems Limited (Thailand) in recognition of the organization’s Quality System which complies with ISO 9001 : 2015. Being certified, our customers can be confident about superior quality and standards. We are continuously improving our process and management systems to be the best in industry.

Multiphase Corporation


Multiphase Corporation offers a comprehensive service division for any product brand, in-house and on-site. We intend to provide best customer service to assure long term equipment operation and effectiveness which will support our relationship with our customer. We provide professional services with a team of experienced engineers ready to consult with you to meet your requirements and provide you with friendly after sales service. With specialized modern equipment.

Multiphase Corporation


Multiphase Corporation Workshop in Rayong with a workspace of around 2,500 sqm. We provide repair and overhaul services for all products supplied to customers. Servicing scope of work ranges from machine manufacturing, control system processing, parts processing, assembly and testing.