Multiphase Corporation offers a comprehensive service division for any product brand, in-house and on-site. We intend. to provide best customer service to assure long term equipment operation and effectiveness which will support our relationship with our customer. We provide repair and overhaul services for all products supplied to customers. Servicing scope of work ranges from machine manufacturing, control system processing, parts processing, assembly and testing. For more information please call 091-187-1111 or Add Line ID: @multiphase


Multiphase Corporation always has a team of technicians on hand. We can provide on-site installation services by quality technicians both on and off-shore, local or internationally. We believe that providing effective service is the most important thing for every customer.


Our staff are always a call away with our service Hotline. We can also provide routine servicing and/or overhauls when required and prepare maintenance schedules for you as required by your products.


Multiphase Corporation have many products, models and sizes already in stock, with delivery throughout the country. All products receive quality assurance checking thoroughly before reaching every customer. We strive for excellence to provide you service with speed and accuracy.


Multiphase Corporation can provide training for all of its products including blowers and vacuums, air/gas compressors and various types of mechanical pumps. Generally, this will be done at commissioning but can also be provided to new employees as required.


Machines and plants must operate reliably throughout their entire lifecycle in order to always be able to meet your customers’ requirements quickly, flexibly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. The challenges that manufacturing companies face are as varied as the products they produce. We assist you with our unique services and support offering that ranges from service agreements to generic motor overhaul in our workshop.

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