We are ready to provide service, sales, maintenance, repairs and spare parts for wide range of industrial, chemical, screw and liquid pumps and other various pumps from leading brands such as Clydeunion, DP Pumps, Wangen Pumpen, Haskel, Varisco, Moyno, Williams Pumps etc. with great customer service and fast delivery. For more information, call 02-168-3193-5 #109 or add Line ID: @vacuum-thai (available 24 hours a day)



ClydeUnion Pumps is the culmination of a long and eventful engineering legacy. Through the highly-respected, ground-breaking core companies from which we originate, we are able to claim a 140-year history. Each has proved successful in offering extremely effective, feature-rich solutions to its customers.

LEISTRITZ PUMPS - high quality screw pumps by Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd. 02-168-3193-5


Leistritz screw pumps are at the heart of a wide variety of applications and processes, and can be used in virtually all industry sectors. Modern quality and environmental management systems, the latest development tools and perfection in production engineering ensure our high quality standards.


MOYNO PUMPS (MONO PUMPS) - water pumps by multiphase corporation


For 75 years, Moyno, Inc. has built progressing cavity pumps that deliver superior performance and long life. Moyno pumps provide operating efficiency, dependability and versatility in handling a wide range of applications. Moyno, Inc. is a global leader in the design and development of the progressing cavity pump.

HASKEL PUMPS - pneumatic or hydraulic-driven, high-pressure, liquid pumps by Multiphase Corporation


Haskel is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic driven, high pressure systems and accessories. We manufacture the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive range of pneumatic or hydraulic-driven, high-pressure, liquid pumps, air pressure amplifiers and high-pressure valves and system components.

DP PUMPS - vertical pumps, water pumps by multiphase corporation 02-168-3193-5


Over the last 60 years DRAKOS POLEMIS is identified with the engineering design, production and supply of high quality pumps that cover a wide range of applications. Today DP pumps has a prominent position in Power Generation industry, shipping, building construction, agriculture and large scale construction projects.

WILLIAMS PUMPS -pneumatic pumps, metering pumps by multiphase corporation 02-168-3193-5 #109


The Williams lines of pneumatic metering pumps are ideally suited to precisely inject a wide variety of chemicals designed to meet your specific requirements for the oil and gas industry. Williams pumps set a new standard of precision and safety while offering the added benefit of simplicity and value to our customers.



80 years of experience…And still going strong. Built on a strong reputation of reliability, Milton Roy combines vast industry experience, a proven track record and a culture of continuous technological improvement to deliver the most reliable, comprehensive range of metering pumps and mixing technology.

APEX PUMPS - centrifugal pumps, water pumps by multiphase corporation co., ltd. 02-168-3193-5


Apex Pumps is celebrating its 30th year in 2018 still producing one of the broadest ranges of centrifugal pumps in the UK. Apex Pumps design and manufacture a wide range of centrifugal pumps for industry, building services, aquaculture, petrochemical plant and many other similar demanding applications.

VARISCO PUMPS - pumps for the industry of processing and treating wastewater with suspended solids.


Varisco S.r.l. has always had a clear mission: design, production and distribution of professional pumps for general industry and drainage. Varisco S.r.l. has long experience and skill in designing, producing and operating pumps for the industry of processing and treating wastewater with suspended solids.

WANGEN PUMPEN - pumps for industrial applications by multiphase corporation co., ltd. 02-168-3193-5 #109


WANGEN PUMPEN is a mechanical engineering company and supplier of high quality positive displacement pumps for industrial applications. We work with passion. With team spirit and, like our pumps, reliable and accurate. WANGEN pumps are perfectly engineered for the most demanding applications.