Crankcases produce oil and mist particulate emissions in marine and stationary reciprocating engines and gen-sets. These emissions can compromise your engine’s performance and lead to expensive repairs in the future. The solution? Crankcase ventilation systems capture these hazardous blow-by emissions. A high-efficiency CCV filter prevents oil mist from discharging into the atmosphere in an open configuration. Additionally, a crankcase filter protects an engine’s turbocharger, intercooler, and exhaust catalyst from contamination in a closed configuration. Solberg’s crankcase filtration solutions optimize engine performance and reduce the number of costly operator repairs. Both open and closed style ventilation systems regulate crankcase vacuum/pressure via manual or automatic controls, preventing leaks and oil loss through the engine seals.


SME Series - Standard Offering

SME Series - Standard Offering

Solberg’s SME Series is the standard line of blower assisted oil mist eliminators.  The SME series is a modular configuration  designed to be highly effective, economical, and readily available. Solberg designs and manufactures high efficiency oil mist removal systems to capture oil mist and particulate emissions from turbo machinery and engines.  Solberg’s SME series optimizes equipment performance, offers a safe and clean work environment, and reduces costly repairs and maintenance.


  • Eliminates visible emissions  (99.97% efficient for 0.3 micron oil mist)
  • High performance replaceable coalescing elements offer long life
  • Flow ranges from 20-175 CFM (34 – 297 m3/h)
  • Vacuum level control valve for precise vacuum regulation
  • Integrated vacuum relief valve for motor protection
  • Drain port for oil recovery 
  • Pressure differential taps
  • Motors for both Standard EU and North American Voltages
  • Rugged carbon steel construction 
  • Industrial grade powder coat finish

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ACV Series: Closed Crankcase Ventilation Filters

Solberg engineers and manufactures closed crankcase ventilation filters (CCV Filters). Our high-performance crankcase ventilation filters capture engine blow-by, which can contain hazardous oil mist and particulate emissions. Solberg’s Advanced Crankcase Ventilation Filters and Systems (ACV Series):

  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • Prevent dangerous emissions from escaping 
  • Reduce oil consumption 
  • Protect the engine’s turbocharger, intercoolers, and inlet air filters


  • Eliminates visible emissions (99%+ efficient at 0.3 um)
  • High performance coalescing elements offer long life
  • Flow ranges from 2 – 40 CFM (3 – 68 m3/hr) for single units
  • Integrated vacuum control valve controls precise range of vacuum
  • Diaphragm vacuum regulation valve design, no springs – No manual vacuum adjustment required
  • Drain port for oil recovery
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Available with installation kits
  • Optional atmospheric bypass

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