Modular, extremely robust, precise dosing, low pulsation. Large range of models and materials used for housings, rotor, stator, seals, joints ensures an optimum match to the medium being pumped. Our wide range of flanged connections and drives ensures the best possible solution for your installation and space.


Non-contact feed screw operation, efficient, compact. Developed to reliably convey low to highly viscous, volatile or gaseous products. Its design avoids dead space and stagnation zones. Due to their high speed range, they can be used as a process pump and as a cleaning pump.


The modular system for reliable protection of plant equipment: X-TRACT (debris removal) + X-CUT (substrate cutting). Both components are available separately and are optimally co-ordinated with each other as an X-UNIT. Regardless of your business activity, what medium has to be conveyed, and what your operational needs are: We offer...