The 5400 series is Reavell’s range of 3 and 4 stage, high-capacity, lubricated compressors. Available in direct or “V” drive, the 5400 series is capable of reaching speeds of up to 1800 rpm; providing a pressure range from 85 bag(g) up to 414 bar(g); allowing operators to choose between maximizing efficiency or minimizing the compressors physical footprint. For more information, call 02-168-3193-5 #109 or add Line ID: @multiphase (available 24 hours a day)


Reavell 5400 Compressors


The compact design and high efficiency operation make the 5400 series ideal for a range of applications; including laser cutting, component testing, CNG refilling stations, and gas storage applications. With cooling systems built in, the 5400 provides a simple, plug-and-play solution that can be tailored to meet operational needs. With a wide range of performance options, ensuring integration with a variety of systems, you can be sure that Reavell has the high pressure air compressor solutions to fit your requirements. Shown here are a small selection of our compressor modules, and their reliability, maintainability, and flexibility.


  • Increased capacity in a relatively small footprint 
  • Can be configured as a two or three stage booster 
  • Elevated suction pressure of up to 6 bar(g) 
  • Air or water cooled options available 
  • Available with either a direct of “V” drive motor


5400 series – air cooled – 85barg to 414barg – 5404, 5405, & 5405E & 5407 & 5409 Commonly used in:

  • Laser cutting 
  • Component testing 
  • Checking pressure vessels and other fittings under pressure 
  • Checking pneumatic controls and other fittings under pressure 
  • Checking brakes and other components under pressure 
  • Checking injection systems under pressure 
  • Checking gas tightness of components using helium

5400 series – water cooled – 138barg to 414barg – 5417 & 5437 Commonly used in:

  • CNG refilling stations  
  • Biogas environments  
  • Water treatment companies 
  • Cattle and pig farms 
  • Land fill sites 
  • Gas distribution network operators
  • Tin / aerosols cans – Aluminium can forming and extrusion 
  • Plastic forming – Nitrogen – Internal gas-pressure procedures 
  • Plastic forming – Isostatic forming 
  • Air and gas distribution 
  • Electrical sub station 
  • Air and gas distribution




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